what do foster carers doBecoming a foster carer is truly a life-changing experience, a journey that holds immeasurable significance for both the dedicated carer and the young lives they embrace. At Fostering to Inspire, we wholeheartedly understand the profound impact of assuming the responsibility of nurturing and guiding a young person. It's not just a role; it's a privilege that carries an immense capacity to shape futures and foster growth in ways that cannot be overstated.

Our deep-rooted commitment to fostering has granted us the privilege of witnessing first-hand the incredible transformations that occur within families and individuals. Through countless years of experience, we've come to appreciate the extraordinary work foster carers accomplish each day. They possess a diverse skill set that allows them to intuitively grasp the unique needs, fears, and aspirations of the children they care for.

There are a lot of tasks which foster carers perform to help care for their foster child, including:

  • Providing support: Foster carers are expected to offer care and support for a child with everything that they do. From tending to their educational pursuits to embracing their extracurricular interests, from safeguarding their health to nurturing their social well-being, foster carers engage holistically to ensure a child's every facet is nurtured. Doing this helps a carer reinforce the strengths and abilities their foster child/children possess.
  • Managing behaviour: Through their innate calmness and empathetic nature, foster carers navigate behavioural challenges with grace. Yet, they are never alone in this endeavour. Our seasoned team stands alongside, providing guidance in offering therapeutic care that helps children flourish emotionally and behaviourally.
  • Attend meetings and training sessions: While working alongside us, carers will have regular meetings with the team around the child.

In order for our carers to be able to do all of this we:

  • Champion Learning and Growth: Foster carers are equipped with the tools to continually learn and grow. Regular meetings with the team around the child facilitate ongoing communication, ensuring a collaborative approach. Through targeted training sessions, foster carers stay prepared to meet challenges head-on.
  • Offer Continuous Support and Guidance: Fostering is a round-the-clock endeavour, and so is our support. The assurance of 24/7 accessibility speaks volumes about our dedication to being ready to address concerns, share insights, and extend a compassionate hand whenever needed.

We help our foster carers continue to learn about their role so that they can deal with any challenges which might occur. The help and support given never stops and we are on hand 24/7 to speak about any concerns our carers have.

If you are interested in starting your fostering journey and would like to find out more about what foster carers do then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.