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How Do I Become a Foster Carer? Your Journey to Becoming a Foster Carer

There are many kinds of people who can foster with usSearching the Internet and choosing the right agency for you and your family are the first important steps to answering the question ‘how do I become a foster carer?'

Initial Enquiry:

We would be delighted if you were to pick up the telephone and call us about fostering. A telephone call to us will allow you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and it would be entirely without commitment – we are here to help as much as we can and to offer advice about the types of fostering that you might wish to consider.

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Home Visit:

One of our supervising social workers will visit you (and your partner if you are part of a couple) at home. This visit will allow for a more detailed discussion about fostering, what’s involved in becoming a foster carer, the support and services we can offer and for us to gain an understanding as to your knowledge and motivation to want to become a foster carer.


Application & Assessment:

An invitation to apply to become a foster carer will be followed by an application pack. Following the completion of the application and accompanying documentation, an assessing social worker will be allocated to undertake sessions within your home and the necessary checks and references will be undertaken. As part of the assessment, you will be invited to a 3-day preparatory training event called Skills to Foster. The course will offer you an important insight into the world of fostering, the different types of fostering journey, the role and responsibilities of being a foster carer and the impact fostering may have on you and your extended family. The course will also allow you to meet foster carers, carer leavers and build positive relationships with other prospective foster carers. The assessment will take approximately 6 months to complete.



Once your assessment is complete, the report will be considered by our Fostering Panel who will make a recommendation in respect of your suitability to foster and the types of fostering that might be appropriate for your situation. This may sound intimidating but your assessing social worker and Fostering2Inspire will be available throughout to offer support and guidance.

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There is no commitment to contacting us, We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you

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