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How to become a single foster parent

Being a single foster parent can be life changing

It is a myth to believe that couples in long term relationships are the only people who are able to foster. At times single people can make the ideal fostering candidates and a relationship status should not put anyone off from looking at being a single foster parent. 

With Fostering to Inspire, single applicants will go through exactly the same checks and processes as anyone else and are by no way discriminated against. You will instantly feel part of our community, having meetings with our experts and being able to ask any questions you want.

Fostering can be a really rewarding life choice and is flexible around your lifestyle. This means that if you cannot commit to full time care due to work or other obligations, there are other options which may suit you better.

Whichever option you take there will be a wealth of experience around you for support and we have worked with people looking at being a single foster parent with great success in the past.

Single parent fostering success stories

We have worked with many single foster parents over the years and here is what one lady had to say before she left us:

“Deciding on fostering as a career with Fostering2Inspire was a great move.

I have learnt and achieved a lot, through regular training and excellent supervision.

I would definitely recommend Fostering2Inspire if you have an aspiration to foster.”

If you are single and would like to foster, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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