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What is a Foster Carer?

Foster care is a unique experience for someone to offer care and support for a vulnerable child or young adult. This takes place in the home of the carer and provides challenges for both carer and foster child.

Foster care is needed for a variety of different reasons and can be a life changing moment is somebody’s life. Unlike adoption, looking after fostered children and young adults remains the legal responsibility of the local authority and/or their birth parents. However, this in no way undermines the work that a foster carer does.

What is a foster carer?A foster carer is the person who provides a safe and caring home for children and young people who are unable to stay with their parents or guardians. The work they do cannot be underestimated and all of our carers are fully committed to their role.

They attend training sessions and are given support to help develop their skills so they are able to meet the needs of anyone in their care. Not only are they expected to take control of caring for a foster child at home, but also support them at school, manage any behavioural issues and monitor their health and wellbeing. 

Foster carers generally have an aspiration to foster children and young people and will have the time and flexibility in their lives to provide the level of care required. This creates the time needed to build trust between carer and child. 

Fostering is all about building relationships with children and young adults while providing the best care possible for them. Here at Fostering2Inspire we provide a wide range of support to help our foster carers.

Embarking on the journey of foster care requires a deep understanding of the unique challenges these children face. Many foster children have experienced trauma or difficult circumstances, and foster carers play a crucial role in providing a stable and nurturing environment. It is not just about providing a physical home but also about offering emotional support and understanding.

Foster care is a dynamic process that involves collaboration with various professionals, including social workers, educators, and healthcare providers. Foster carers act as advocates for the children in their care, ensuring that their educational and medical needs are met. This collaborative approach enhances the overall well-being and development of the foster child.

At Fostering2Inspire, we recognise the importance of ongoing support for our foster carers. Our team is dedicated to providing continuous training, counselling services, and a supportive community where foster carers can share experiences and insights. We believe that a well-supported foster carer is better equipped to provide the love and stability that every child deserves.

We are 100 percent committed to helping our foster carers support whoever they are looking after. If you are interested in foster care, or are a foster carer yourself and are looking for an experienced agency to help you, then we would be delighted to hear from you.

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Types of Fostering

Each child referred to our service has individual care needs that may require a different type of fostering

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