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I am LGBT+ and I want to foster

I am LGBT+ and I want to foster

I am LGBT+ and I want to foster

I am LGBT+ and I want to fosterIf you are lesbian, gay, transgender or bi, you might wonder if fostering or adoption is something you can do. At fostering2Inspire, we make sure the answer to this question, is yes! We formulate a series of background checks that are unbiased to gender, race or sexuality, to ensure the right child is paired with the right foster parent.

People, adults and children, are a diverse bunch and the world is a better place for it. Family structures, we believe, need to reflect this diversity in order to provide the best support to children and young people. So, if you say to use "I am LGBT+ and I want to foster" you will find us ready to help in every way.

Childhood, and in particular the teenage years, are a time when many are exploring and questioning their identity. Thankfully, schools and other organisations are increasingly geared up to support young people during this often stressful period of their lives.

Fostering2Inspire welcomes applications from the LGBT+ community who can provide a safe and secure home environment and the emotional support to guide children and young people as they grow up and into adulthood. We will fully support those who are LGBT+ and want to foster because we recognise that the ability to provide a loving, family environment is not governed by ‘traditional’ family structures. Instead, we believe that at the heart of a caring, supportive home is the simple desire and capacity to offer love, support, compassion and understanding.

If you feel ready to speak with us about fostering, or are simply looking for more information, Fostering2Inspire would be delighted to hear from you.

Fostering2Inspire are on hand to support you on every step of your fostering journey, from the first telephone call to the first day with your new young person and onwards from there. All of the support given means that both the children and the adults that care for them can find quality, tangible support to help them flourish.

Fostering a child will be life changing both for you and the child. You will learn as much about yourself and the important things in life as the child in your care will learn from you.

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