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I am middle aged and I want to foster

I am middle aged and I want to foster

I am middle aged and I want to foster

I am middle aged and I want to fosterThe world we live in is constantly changing, with many choosing to foster children under a number of circumstances, from different walks of life. Being middle aged doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the opportunity to foster children and young people to nurture their development and offer a better life.

In fact, most foster carers are in their 40s or 50s, and are able to offer a sense of stability that younger professionals may not. The years of experience you may have, be it from work or personal experience, could be the difference between simply taking a child in, and developing a child to achieve a potential they never knew they had.

However, it’s not just what you can do for them; for many foster carers, having children around keeps them active, and pushes them to find adventure and experience things they normally wouldn’t.

If the idea of getting involved in fostering is something that interests you, we encourage you to get in touch and talk to one of our team members. As an experienced fostering agency, we can explain each step with you, and help you foster a child that could change more than one life. From short terms placements, to long term and permanency placements, Fostering2Inspire can provide arrangements where parents received support and guidance to help develop parenting skills with children and young people.

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