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Can I foster a child?

Foster carers come from a wide range of backgrounds, showcasing that fostering is open to everyone to provide life changing care and support for a young person. Every child requiring care will need something different from their carer, and sexuality, race, religion, gender or age does not determine whether you can become a foster parent.

can I foster a child

Here at Fostering2Inspire we often get asked the question ‘Can I foster a child?’, and we always take potential candidates through our fostering criteria to make sure they are able to foster. This means a potential foster carer will need to:

  • Be over 21 years of age. There is no upper age limit for becoming a foster parent.
  • Have a spare bedroom available for a foster child to sleep in. There is no requirement of having to own your own home.
  • Have a desire to foster children and young adults. A kind and caring nature will help to form a bond with a foster child.
  • Have the time and flexibility required to offer the care and support needed. Offering full-time care is preferable, however there are plenty of options whereby short term care options can be arranged.
  • Single carers, married couples, couples in long-term relationships and same-sex couples are all able to apply to become foster parents.
  • Be a British Citizen or have permanent Leave to Remain.

Fostering is a wonderful life changing experience, which is why it should be open to everyone. If you are thinking about fostering, but are unsure if you can foster, then please contact us today

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