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What is the difference between fostering for an agency and a local authority?

What is the difference between fostering for an agency and a local authority?Anyone looking to become a foster carer will have two options to consider to start their process. Should they foster through an agency or a local authority? And what is the difference?

Both local authorities and independent fostering agencies will have rigorous assessment processes in place and provide a strong level of support for carers. However the level of support able to be given by an independent agency is generally greater and there are some other differences such as:

  • Training: While local authorities are continually facing the prospect of cuts and being constrained within tight budgets, independent fostering agencies have greater scope for what they can offer. This allows them the chance to provide high quality training opportunities. The extra support provided could be why between 2019 and 2020 76% of fostering enquiries were made to independent agencies.
  • Allowances: Again due to budget sizes, independent agencies are more likely to offer larger fostering allowances for carers. This varies from each agency and the type of care being provided. Other factors taken into consideration include the age and needs of a child.
  • Age of children: Historically the age of children being cared for by independent fostering agencies tends to be higher than those with local council authorities. This is because local authorities tend to find it harder to place older children or sibling groups

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