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Why Foster

Why are children fostered? Well, every year, tens of thousands of children across the UK need foster carers for a variety of reasons. It may be through some breakdown in family relationships, or maybe the child has been neglected or abused in some way.  However, for whatever reason, the child will be vulnerable and will require loving care and attention.

Whether this is your first time fostering a child, or if you are an experienced carer, we offer a range of different types of fostering to suit your needs when you become a foster parent, in addition to practical support throughout.

We understand the decision to foster a child or young adult is not one that should be taken without consideration for all that this entails. Potential carers approach foster agencies under different circumstances, and we offer advice on fostering children accordingly. Fostering a child or young adult can truly change the life of both you and the foster child for the better, and can enrich your family life in the process. 

However, to become a foster parent can also prove challenging as well as rewarding. You will find that the answer to the question “Why are children fostered?” is not one that can be answered in general terms, because the underlying circumstances and individual personalities of every child or young adult requiring foster care will be very different. Because of this we make sure we offer consistent guidance and support throughout your fostering journey.

Fostering2Inspire ensures that our foster carers receive the support they need for fostering children, including mentors, a foster-family network where you can engage and interact with others on the same journey as you, 24/7 advice and assistance as well as training and development for our carers. Additionally, fostering a child can be a career in its own right with our generous and competitive allowances.

Fostering is a big commitment, and is not one to take lightly. This is why it is important to find out as much as you can if you wish to become a foster parent and speak to professionals from foster agencies as well as support workers who can take the time to discuss the available and best suited options for your fostering journey.

If you are looking to get in touch and start your foster journey, or are just looking for more details and guidance on fostering children, Fostering2Inspire would love to hear from you.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch today, and start what could be the most rewarding and fulfilling journey of your life when you become a foster parent.


Types of Fostering

Each child referred to our service has individual care needs that may require a different type of fostering.

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