Lesley has recently been approved as a new foster carer for Fostering to Inspire. Read her thoughts on making the decision to foster and what she is looking forward to. If you are thinking about fostering why not take the first step like Lesley, and let Fostering to Inspire help you along the way.


"An everyday woman sat scrolling through Facebook came upon an article about fostering.

That woman was me. Fostering was something I`d been interested in but never done anything about it.

Well, for some reason my finger twitched that night and I liked the page.Inspire


A short time later Claire and Julia came to see me. They were both very friendly and recognised my uncertainty about such a life changing career move.

Through their positivity and understanding I decided to continue along this journey.


That’s when Julie became my assessing social worker. Together, over 3-4 months we worked on my profile and I found I could talk to her about some very painful memories. She was lovely and helped me explore my past, and assess what valuable skills I already have for the fostering task.

Julie then supported me through the fostering Panel, and spoke on my behalf when I stumbled. Julie was there for me.

Now having gone through Panel, I`m preparing the house for children again. I`m scared yet really excited. I`m looking forward to the unexpected and the unknown. I know and trust the team at Fostering to Inspire will be there to help me when children arrive. I`m feeling very proud that all these people are supporting me and believe in me to provide a strong, positive, supportive home for vulnerable children and young people.

I would like to thank Fostering to Inspire and look forward to the challenges ahead."