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Types of fostering in Yorkshire

Types of fosteringNot every vulnerable child or young adult requires the same foster care. Meeting the exact needs for each fostering case is essential to their health and wellbeing. This is why foster carers are required from all different walks of life and it is just as important the right fostering commitment is found from them.

By finding the right match for both carer and child, the level of care provided will be improved and allow for a happy foster family to be created. There are several different types of fostering options available, including:

  • Short term – Some children may only require care for a few weeks until a more permanent solution is found or the child is able to return to their family.  
  • Long Term/Permanency – Safety and stability may have to be provided on a long term or permanent basis. 
  • Short Breaks – Weekends or a few days away from their normal home provides children with the chance to gain new experiences and form new bonds. 
  • Parent and Child – This situation provides a parent with children the chance to learn new skills from a specially trained foster carer. 
  • Children with Complex Needs – Some carers will be able to provide care for children with disabilities, health needs or behaviour issues. 
  • Unaccompanied Children and Young People – There is also a need for children coming from another country to receive care and be provided with a safe and stable home. 
  • Staying Put – Once a young adult turns 18 it can be difficult for them to adapt to life away from education and continued care and support may be required. 

Here at Fostering2Inspire we are based in Wakefield and always take the time to discuss with potential foster carers these different options available to them and do not discriminate on the grounds of sexuality, race, religion, gender or age. These factors do not determine if someone can foster or not and here are just some questions we have been asked before:

We are always happy to talk with new foster carers or current foster carers looking to move to a new fostering agency. Please contact us now for more information. 

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